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Our Team


Chan, Ching

Current position:

Assistant Professor, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Assistant Features Editor, The Plant Cell, American Society of Plant Biologists, USA


PhD    The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Biology)

MPhil  University of Hong Kong (Biochemistry)

BSc    University of Hong Kong (Biochemistry)



Plant Physiology

Plant Pathology

Plant Cell and Tissue Culture


Liao, Yi-Jun

My research interest:

Molecular biology, microbiology, plant pathology, neuroscience of mental disorders,psychopathology

My personal interest:

Graphic design, sketching, classical music, psychology, slasher and psychological horror films


Cheung, Yee-Ling

My research interest:

I am highly motivated to explore the connections between various scientific concepts and ideas.

My personal interest:

I am very passionate about providing emotional support and compassion to those who are struggling.


Chiou, Shian-Peng

My research interest:

I enjoy observing plants or animals in the wild, especially when I am hiking.

My personal interest:

In my leisure time, I participate in a wind band and play the percussion instruments.

We Like You

Future lab member

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We Like You

Future lab member

Would it be you? Send us a message!

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